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TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch 45: Singapore Price And Review

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch 45

Version 2.0 is here! And TAG Heuer has knocked it out of the park again.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch 45
So yes, technology does move at a lightning pace, and we all know that Swiss watchmaking titans are not known for being quick and nimble when it comes to embracing change. Well most of them, anyway, with the exception of TAG Heuer, which has taken the proverbial digital bull by its horns.

It was just two years ago, at BaselWorld 2015 when TAG Heuer teased visitors with a then-impending tie-up with Google and Intel. With two of tech planet’s biggest giants on board, the watch brand quickly marched out the TAG Heuer Connected, a Carrera-inspired smartwatch that went head-to-head with the Apple Watch. 

Ahead of BaselWorld 2017, TAG Heuer shows that its digital foray was no flash in the pan with an improved roll-out: the TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch 45.  

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch 45

‘Modular’ is the operative word here, and there are two facets to this. For one, the owner can customise the watch to his or her heart’s content. The watch’s outer shell, based on the Carrera model, as with the original Connected Watch, comes with interchangeable components. This means that you can choose from a variety of colours, finishings and materials for the case, lugs, strap and buckle, and personalise the watch as you like. Satin or polished titanium case? Or would you rather gold plated? How about black ceramic? The options are mind-boggling. There are 11 standard models offered in store currently, with 45 other combination options available on request.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch 45

The other, more impressive, modular quality of the Connected Modular Watch 45 is the fact you can swap the timepiece’s digital module with a mechanical one.

Yup, you read it right – you can do a FRIGGING TRANSPLANT on your watch! 

So if you have had enough of all that tapping and swiping, you can opt to replace the connected module with a three-hand Calibre 5 automatic movement, or if you were a true baller, TAG Heuer’s in-house, COSC-certified chronograph tourbillon movement (below). 

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch 45

But back to the tech side of things, which you will get right off the bat with the Connected Modular Watch 45. There are some similarities with its predecessor in that the new version is also powered by Google’s Android Wear (version 2.0 here, which makes it compatible for iPhone users), with 4GB of storage and 512MB RAM. The processor, connectivity and app offerings are also similar – a custom Intel Atom Z34XX chip, complemented by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS capabilities, multiple dial interface, NFC chip for contactless payments, on top of many other mod cons.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Watch 45

This is some serious meta-horology business going on with the Connected Modular Watch 45. And can we just say that it is absolute genius for TAG Heuer to allow users to make their own choices, and not force us to take sides of the digital-versus-mechanical divide. Because at the end of the day, we just love watches that make a point, regardless of shape, form or heartbeat.


45mm modular case in grade 5 titanium or black ceramic with diamond-set options


Digital: three-hand, chronograph or GMT with over 30 dial interface; Mechanical: three-hand or chronograph tourbillon


Connected module with Intel Atom Z34XX chip


Rubber, leather, titanium or ceramic bracelet


From S$2,400; option of mechanical module for additional S$2,400 and above

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