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Hamilton ODC X-03: Singapore Price And Review

Hamilton ODC X-03

Hamilton puts the ‘star’ in star-gazing.

Hamilton ODC X-03

Pop quiz: which watch brand has the most cameos in Hollywood movies? Answer: Hamilton. According to press communique, the brand has featured in over 450 Hollywood films in the past 60 years, which surely must rank as a world record of sorts. (Check this out for a full list of movies that Hamilton watches have appeared in.)

The ODC X-03 we have in our sights today is the inspirational lovechild of two of the biggest sci-fi movies that Hamilton has been in – 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Stanley Kuburick masterpiece, and the award-winning Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan. In case you’re wondering, the ‘X-03’ refers to the watch being the third edition in a trilogy collection. Before this, there were the X-01 from 2006, and X-02 from 2009, both inspired by Kubrick’s film.

Hamilton ODC X-03

Although it looks more like a sculptural artwork than a watch, the ODC X-03 is actually a very practical ticker. The watch displays three time zones all at once, and is driven by three movements – two quartz, one automatic – which the wearer can set independently via separate crowns.

Hamilton ODC X-03

Speaking of crowns, the ones in the ODC X-03 are rather unique. They function like mini levers, which you need to pull out and twist to set the time. The operation takes some getting used to, but the advantage is that they tuck into neatly into the case sides, which helps a lot given the ODC X-03 is a busy-looking watch.

Hamilton ODC X-03

The ODC X-03’s sci-fi inspiration is apparent from end-to-end – the hexagonal case that recalls the lines of the Endurance spacecraft in A Space Odyssey; the dark and sexy case and textile strap; and most of all, the triple-sub-dial display set against the realistic likeness of planet Jupiter, rendered with the help of 3-D printing and laser engraving. That the watch turned out to be such a stunner is no surprise, given it was designed by Nathan Crowley, a three-time Oscar nominated production designer who also worked on Interstellar.

Hamilton ODC X-03

One of the largest Hamilton watches ever, the ODC X-03 is a chunky beast with a PVD-clad titanium hexagonal case measuring 49mm by 52mm. It is neither a watch that will slide under the cuff of your business shirt (not that you ought to pair it with that), nor one that is made for classy evening soirees. BUT it is a watch that will get plenty of eyeballs – on this planet or beyond.

Hamilton ODC X-03


49mm by 52mm, titanium with black PVD


3-D printed Jupiter dial with three black-and-white sub-dials


One ETA 2671 automatic movement, and two ETA 901.001 quartz movements


Textile with leather lining


Three time zones

 Limited edition

999 pieces



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