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Hamilton Brand Reviews & Prices

Established in 1892, the American brand’s story began in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 1912, the company decided to send accurate watches to those working on the railroads as accidents were very common during that time due to different railroads working with over 50 different times. The pocket watches then became known as ‘The watch of Railroad accuracy’.

Two years later, Hamilton started supplying timepieces to the US Armed Forces, and in 1919, a Hamilton aeronautical watch went along on the very first American airmail postal service between Washington and New York. By the 1930s, Hamilton was the official timekeeper of choice for commercial airlines in the United States.

During the Second World War, the company took a break from producing consumer watches to focus on providing the armed forces with one million watches. During this time, they created the Hamilton marine chronometers—the first to be created by modern manufacturing. Throughout the war, they produced 10,902 marine chronometers that met the requirements for being both accurate and reliable. As the only company that could provide this support, they were rewarded with a US Army-Navy ‘E’ Award for excellence in production of military equipment.

The brand is also famous for its appearance in movies and is the biggest supplier of watch props to the Hollywood movie industry. 1951 marked the first movie appearance in The Frogmen, an Oscar-nominated movie about US naval divers during World War II. Since then, Hamilton watches have appeared in movies like Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii, Men In Black, Independence Day and Interstellar.


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