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Breitling was founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling, who started a workshop specialising in pocket watch chronographs and precision counters. The brand’s affinity with the chronograph complication and tool-timekeepers was established right from the start, and further cemented when Léon’s son, Gaston, took over the company and introduced several pioneering innovations. They included the first chronograph wristwatch in 1915, and improvements to the complication such as an independent chronograph pusher (1923) and return-to-zero pusher (1934).

It was also during Gaston’s tenure that Breitling began forging ties with pilots and the world of aviation, resulting in close-knit partnerships that continue to define Breitling and inspire its timepieces to this day. In 2009, Breitling introduced its first in-house movement, the Calibre B01, and has gone on to develop more proprietary calibres since.

From being the official supplier of timekeeping instruments to the Royal Air Force in the 1930s, to the creation of watches like the Chronomat, Navitimer and Emergency, which feature hardy, innovative and practical features suited to the rigours of adventure and professional use – all boasting COSC certification – Breitling is a brand that takes its ‘Instruments For Professionals’ motto seriously.


A fan favourite, the Navitimer chronograph was introduced in 1952 and is recognised by its slide rule that can perform various calculations such as ground speed and miles per minute, rate of climb or descent, and gas consumption.
Breitling For Bentley
Breitling’s longstanding collaboration with the British car brand that started in 2003 has led to the creation of a variety of models spanning chronographs to GMT watches (pictured).
Avenger Bandit
This chronograph hails from the Avenger line, known for its multifaceted appeal. It features a stenciled 24-hour dial display, which references time read-offs favoured by the military.
The two models in this collection, Emergency I and II, are among Breitling’s most utilitarian creations, wired with emergency locator transmitters that send out distress signals that have actually helped adventurers in life-threatening situations.

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