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Three Reasons To Buy Vacheron Constantin’s Heures Créatives Watch

This classy and capricious collection is a masterclass in the courtship of women.

How often does one peruse a women’s watch and thought that it was too complicated (or simple), too dainty (or large), or even more perplexingly, too feminine? Vacheron Constantin’s new Heures Créatives watches prove that it is possible to amalgamate flamboyance, finesse and mechanical engineering in a beautiful, artfully executed timepiece without letting its owner feel that she is missing out on anything.

Created in the mould of classic women’s dress watches, meaning that they came petite and bejewelled, exuding glamour and sophistication, the watches tick all the right boxes in the rulebook of feminine horology. Most importantly – and perhaps unnoticed – they also expressed a perfect balance of beauty and technicality, and engineering and artistry, succeeding where many other brands have failed in the quest to create the ideal mechanical watch for women.

The collection comprises three lines – the Heure Romantique, Heure Discréte and Heure Audacieuse – inspired by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements, and the 1970s, respectively.
While all three lines are exceptional, our favourite is the Heure Discréte (below). A secret watch that evokes the Roaring Twenties with Art Deco-inspired geometric form, the fan-shaped cover slides open to reveal a mother-of-pearl dial with time display underneath.

Meantime, the Heure Romantique (below) and Heure Audacieuse each express distinct dispositions. The Art Nouveau movement-inspired Heure Romantique is a decidedly ladylike accompaniment featuring curvaceous petal shaped white gold case that frames an iridescent mother-of-pearl dial.

The Heure Audacieuse, on the other hand, is a proper show-stopper (below). The watch reinterprets a model that Vacheron Constantin made in the 1970s, taking the buckle-shape case and dialing up it presence with larger dimensions and snow-set diamonds.

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