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INTRODUCING: Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

The UR-200 family that changed how we read time continues to evolve with a slew of new features.

After pioneering independent watchmaker Urwerk did away with its UR-210 in 2020 – easily one of its most iconic – founders Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei looked to the sky for inspiration. Specifically, winged creatures of prey whose form is adored for its elegance and beauty. The UR-220 Falcon, released in 2021, debuted a new case, movement, and functions. With this collection also ceasing production last year, it is time to welcome the new UR-230 Eagle. While the idea of the satellite display remains, the new watch has some fancy additions that make it a pretty slick piece of micro-engineering.

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle
The Urwerk UR-230 Eagle in CTP carbon and black DLC-treated titanium with vulcarbonised rubber strap.

 If the new UR-230 Eagle looks familiar, it is because the case design is not altogether new for Urwerk. It has Urwerk written all over it – an unusual trapeze shape with a pronounced elongation towards the 6 o’clock position, a staggered layout around the sapphire apertures, a crown at 12 o’clock, and clever management of angles. There is no point in changing what still works, so the case revisits CTP carbon, which offers the ideal weight/stiffness/graphic effect ratio for a watch like this. While big watches are par on the course for the brand, the UR-230 Eagle occupies a good amount of real estate on the wrist at 44.81mm wide, 53.55mm long, and 18.38mm thick. A strap made of vulcarbonised rubber completes the look. 

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle
A 3D aluminium retrograde hand marks the minutes along a 120-degree scale while framing the current hour numeral.

How does one read the time? On a three-armed carousel, rotating blocks each carry four hours’ numerals, and they scroll along a 120-degree sector with the face of the current hour facing the observer. To display the minutes, these cubes are trapped in a 3D aluminium retrograde hand. At the end of its 60-minute journey, this skeletonised hand returns to 0, where it takes charge of the cube displaying the next hour. The explanation seems wordy, but once the watch is on your wrist, telling the time comes quite naturally. 

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle
The Urwerk UR-230’s protective cover lifts to reveal the entire satellite system.

That’s not the only cool party trick this watch has got, though. Its cover protecting the sapphire crystal lifts 90 degrees to reveal the entire satellite system. The cover’s sharp edge references the eagle’s beak quite poetically, equipped with a special braking device to ensure a soft closure. As it clips into place, it is reminiscent of this majestic bird’s talons flexing and retracting. 

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle
A set of turbines, visible on the caseback, are shock absorbers designed to protect the new self-winding UR-7.30 calibre.

Another fascinating aspect of the new UR-230 is a world-first – a set of shock absorbers designed to protect the new self-winding UR-7.30 calibre with the help of turbines. A first set is focused on diminishing the impact of any external shock, which works to secure the watch’s robustness and durability. A second set controls the flow of air that feeds the winding system. You can set the strength of this air brake (which is designed to modulate the winding power according to your level of activity) by a rotating knob on the back of the watch. A second switch disengages the rotor, which puts the watch in manual winding mode. These adjustments are indicated at 11 and 1 o’clock on the dial.

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle
The Urwerk UR-230 Eagle has a commanding presence on the wrist.

Highly sophisticated and desirable, the UR-230 Eagle is limited to 35 pieces.