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Tudor Rolls Out The New Fastrider Black Shield

Black, really, has been Tudor’s preferred shade of late.

Barely months after the introduction of the Black Bay Black, a throwback-style dive ticker that sent cash registers ringing once again for the award-winning collection, out roars the Fastrider Black Shield, a raven-clad beast for fans of motorsports inspired watches.


The Fastrider collection, which debuted in 2011, is a collaboration between Tudor and Italian motorcycle marque Ducati. Anchored by chronographs, the collection’s dynamic disposition is meant to mirror that of Ducati’s motorbikes.

And it is exactly so with the Fastrider Black Shield, a full ceramic-cased chronograph that is a companion ticker of sorts to the Ducati’s new XDiavel, a sexy, two-wheel cruiser clad in matte black carbon fibre.



Performance-wise, the watch runs on a modified Valjoux chronograph movement, rated as one of the hardiest of its kind. But what you will be sold on, truthfully, is the watch’s balls-out machismo, played out in full glory on the all-matt black finish, sandblasted details and sporty chronograph counters. In other words, a super cool option that will instantly rev up your getup.


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