The Skinny On Skeleton Watches


A skeleton watch is one of those inexplicable creations of haute horlogerie. As the name implies, a skeleton watch is a bare-bones mechanical timepiece. Here, all excess metal on the dial and movement are removed. This is so the wearer can look through the watch from both front and back. This then begs the question: why would one risk the performance and robustness of a perfectly functional watch just to do that?

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The naked ambitions of several watch brands appear to have been recalibrated of late. Once niche, skeleton watches now enjoy mainstream popularity. Today, they feature prominently in both regular collections, as well as hyped-up ‘star pieces’. Not overwhelmingly so, we hasten to add, but enough to suggest that skeleton timepieces are finally showing some long overdue commercial potential.

Much of it has got to do with their recent ‘modernisation’. Before, skeleton watches were classical and ornate; sought after, we imagine, by collectors who favour Mozart over Maroon 5. Today’s variants, though, tend to exhibit minimalistic and muscular qualities. They brandish a mix of industrial chic and sculptural form, which lend themselves equally well to both boardroom and club.

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