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Most Expensive Smartwatch: TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamonds

TAG Heuer brings the bling to its popular smartwatch.

TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamonds
The new TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamonds

When the Swiss watchmaker first dipped its toes into the smartwatch market in 2015 with their Connected watch, it was marketed as a “marriage of Watch Valley and Silicon Valley”, according to head honcho Jean-Claude Biver. And rightfully so, as it was the first digital smartwatch developed by a Swiss luxury watchmaker and tech giants Intel and Google.

Last year, TAG Heuer followed up with a modular version of the smartwatch, allowing users to customise almost every physical aspect of the watch, from straps to lugs, and even buckle and case materials. A staggering 45 combinations (on top of the 11 standard models on offer) are possible, catering to a variety of preferences.

TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamonds

But the brand clearly isn’t content to stop there. This year, they’ve launched the world’s most expensive Connected watch - priced at an eye-watering S$270,000. But for good reason, though. The 45mm case is in 18K polished white gold with 589 VVS baguette cut diamonds on the bezel, lugs and bracelet. That’s a lot of bling. 23.35 carats, to be exact.

TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamonds
Included with the watch is the Calibre 5 mechanical module (above) which you can swap with the smartwatch module. Similarly decked out in bling, the mechanical module has a bezel encrusted with 72 diamonds. If you’re up for more than just a three-hand option, you can also swap it out for a Chronograph Calibre 16 or COSC-certified Chronograph Tourbillon (both purchased separately).

TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamonds box set 
Like its predecessor, the TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamonds comes with Google Wear 2.0, GPS, NFC sensor for contactless payment and a super high definition AMOLED screen. However, this latest version also comes with a new Companion app for an enhanced software experience. The set (Connected Full Diamonds and Calibre 5 mechanical module) is presented in an elegant box decked out in a neutral colour palette—perfect for housing all that bling.

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