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INTRODUCING: Swatch CLEAR Collection

Swatch invites you to wipe the slate clean.

Swatch CLEAR

If recent years have thrown up colour trends like blue, salmon and green, then Swatch is going in the completely opposite direction this year with, well, no colour. On most of the watch, at least.

Transparent watches are not new, of course. In fact, Swatch itself launched a transparent Gent back in 1985 and this year’s new collection is a throwback to that with five new models for every wrist size.


The largest of them would be the 47mm Clearly Bold and Clearly Big Bold with SwatchPAY!, an NFC feature which allows you to pay with your watch. However, this is not available in Singapore as yet.

Swatch Clearly Bold

Meanwhile, the Clearly Bold version (above) is a transparent Big Bold with silver-coloured ring, black printed indices and hands in the primary colours of red, yellow and blue.

Swatch Clear Gent
Swatch Clearly Gent

If you prefer a more conservative size, the Clearly Gent and Clearly New Gent in 34mm and 41mm cases respectively, come in bio-sourced material—a nod to the sustainable measures that the watch industry is taking on in recent years.

Swatch Clear Skin
Swatch Clear Skin

Swatch fans ought to be familiar with the Skin collection—the brand’s range of ultra-thin timepieces. Here, the Clearly Skin adopts the same slimline aesthetic (below) in a 34mm case from bio-sourced materials, along with a clear dial and yellow printed logo on the glass.

Swatch Clear Skin

Prices range from S$112 for the Clearly Gent model to S$179 for the Clearly Skin version, with the watches available both in-store and online. If you’re looking at starting the new year with a clean, minimalist look, the Swatch CLEAR collection is your thing.


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