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This Rolex Day-Date 40 With Eisenkeisel Dial Is The Boss Watch Of 2021

Can you handle the swag?

Rolex Day-Date 40 With Eisenkeisel Dial

No sir, Rolex doesn’t do sleeper hits. Even so, this new Day-Date 40 in diamond-studded Everose gold with eisenkeisel dial, released a number of months after its annual unveiling of new models, could’ve almost slipped under the radar of moneyed collectors if not for its irrepressible regality that demands its presence be adequately acknowledged.

I mean, Rolex’s unofficial reputation as the OG watch of choice for old-school ballers didn’t emerge from nowhere. And this shiny, sparkling statement of a timepiece demonstrates why the notion holds sway till today. Even just looking at the watch, you can imagine its substantial weight on your wrist.

The watch’s full Everose case and supple president bracelet with alternate matte and gloss polished links that emanate that warm, having-made-it glow of luxury is just the beginning. Its unapologetic swag is further elevated by a judicious but conspicuous shower of brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel and 10 more baguette-cuts on the hour markers. For the record, there is also a companion piece in 36mm Everose gold for ladies, that features diamond-studded indices and on Roman numerals ‘VI’ and ‘IX’. Anyway, the point we are getting to is, all this stupendous bling and glitter, really, is to set the stage for the real star of the show – the eisenkeisel dial.

Rolex Day-Date 40 With Eisenkeisel Dial

German for ‘iron quartz’, eisenkeisel is a rare stone that comes in red, orange or, as seen in this watch, a deep chocolate brown. Besides its deep, lustrous tone, eisenkeisel is distinguished by its unique veining that is caused by the stone’s iron mineral’s exposure to oxygen. The dial’s rich time-hewn colour and unique patterns can fire up the imagination and lead one to ruminate on the immense passage of time. Also, it is darn pretty and captivating; a perfect foil for the sheen and sparkle of diamonds and Everose gold on the rest of the watch.

It is fitting that Rolex has opted for the Day-Date to express this specific take on exclusive, unbridled luxury. The watch’s mix of opulence and glamour sits comfortably with a collection that has earned its reputation as ‘the president’s watch’, having been spotted on the wrists of a number of famous world leaders. And of course, for those who enjoy the Day-Date for its practicality – it was the world’s first wristwatch to display the date and date spelt in full back in 1956 – the new model is equipped with the useful calendar display while driven by Rolex’s new-generation Calibre 3255, a Superlative Chronometer-certified movement that is precise to +/-2 seconds a day and offers up to 70 hours of power reserve.

In a year where Rolex has unveiled an impressive range of watches with interesting dials, such as the Datejust 36 models featuring laser-etched palm and fluted bezel motifs, and Cosmograph Daytona with meterorite dials, the Day-Date 40 (and Day-Date 36) with eisenkeisel dial offers yet another facet to the brand’s wealth of dial decoration mastery. And a top-drawer addition to the watch shopping lists of baller bosses everywhere.

Rolex Day-Date 40 With Eisenkeisel Dial


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