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Bigger Is Better: SEA’s Largest Patek Philippe Boutique Opens

The new Patek Philippe boutique is a work of art.

No, we’re not buying that pitch about good things coming in small packages. At least not when it comes to watch boutiques. If you haven’t yet checked out Patek Philippe’s refurbished space at ION Orchard, here are some numbers to get you going.

FOUR: That’s how many times larger the new boutique is compared to when it first opened in 2009. It’s also the number of months taken to comprehensively expand, renovate and remodel this spanking new space.


265.48m2: Bigger than most of the apartments we live in, this is the size of Patek Philippe’s new boutique. It’s decked out in birdseye maple, Indian rosewood and brass with a vintage burnished finish to give it a cosier feel. The brand’s iconic Calatrava cross can also be seen throughout the store in a nod to Patek Philippe’s heritage.


34.08m: The length of the store’s internal façade, which showcases a collection of all the current Patek Philippe timepieces. The display offers an almost museum-like experience.


THREE: The number of tiers in an impressive Baccarat crystal chandelier that greets customers in the welcome area where a Patek Philippe Sales Associate awaits to take you through the collection. There are also three sales desks and a waiting lounge equipped with a library featuring tomes exclusive to the house.


ONE: A dedicated VIP area comes with sliding doors that shield discreet customers who want to view the latest complications in private. There’s also a special exhibition about Patek Philippe’s history and their partnership with Cortina Watch that has spanned over four decades.




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