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Omega Speedmaster: Four Of The Best

Which Omega Speedy is your favourite?

As we approach the end of the year (and celebrations for the Speedmaster’s 60th anniversary draw to a close), here’s a look at four of the most iconic versions of the watch every Speedy fan should know.

Speedmaster CK 2915
Omega Speedmaster CK 2915
The great-granddaddy of all Speedmasters, the CK2915 was the 1957 original that started it all. It is also known as the ‘Broad Arrow’ for the shape of its hands, but these have been replaced by sword-shaped hands in many subsequent models. It uses the Calibre 321, based on a Lemania ebauche.

Speedmaster 1045 TV Dial
Omega Speedmaster 1045 TV Dial
One look at this rare model and it’s patently clear that it’s a product of the 1970s. As the name suggests, this model rocks a cushion-shaped case and dial that makes it one of the most unusual-looking Speedmasters in history. Powering the watch is a modified Lemania 5100 automatic chronograph movement.

Speedmaster Professional 105.012
Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012

This was the model Buzz Aldrin wore that gave Omega decades of stellar marketing material as the Moonwatch. While Neil Armstrong was technically the first to step on the moon, he had left his watch on board the lunar module. Their teammate Michael Collins was wearing a 145.012 (another collectible) but he was waiting in the capsule. Hence, Buzz Aldrin’s ticker ended up as the first watch on the moon.

Speedmaster Mark II 145.014
Omega  Speedmaster Mark II 145.014

After the success of the Moonwatch, NASA and Omega continued to work together to develop an even sturdier space watch under the codename ‘Alaska Project’. The prototypes were eventually considered unnecessary, so Omega created consumer-friendly versions — the first being the Mark II 145.014.

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