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INTRODUCING: Omega Constellation Meteorite

Omega Constellation Meteorite

The star-inspired collection gains an ancient space material and adds 20 models to its catalogue.

Inspired by the precise movement of the stars, Omega’s Constellation was first introduced in 1952 as a chronometer for men. Then, it underwent countless technical and aesthetic evolutions through the decades, from the iconic ‘Pie-Pan’ dials in the mid-20th century to the incorporation of quartz movements in the 1970s to finally establishing its signature look with the Carol Didisheim-designed Constellation Manhattan in 1982, complete with the now-famous ‘claws’ at either side of the case, scalloped case shape, and integrated bracelet. Ranking among the watchmaker’s longest-running and most successful lines, the Constellation now has literally hundreds of references, but that isn’t stopping Omega from adding another 20 more, all touting meteorite dials to reinforce its stellar theme.

Omega Constellation Meteorite
The Omega Constellation Meteorite collection comprises 20 models spanning four sizes – 25mm, 28mm, 29mm, and 41mm.

Before we talk about the watches, let’s delve into the dial material, as brands aren’t often transparent about the provenance of the meteorite used in their timepieces. According to press notes, the watches are fitted with Muonionalusta meteorite, probably the oldest known meteorite on Earth, at over 4.5 billion years old. Impacting the Earth about one million years ago, in northern Scandinavia, on the west of the border between Sweden and Finland, it experienced four ice ages, preserved by permafrost and glaciers, before its first fragment was found in 1906. One of the most striking features of this ancient space material is its fascinating crystalline structure, known as the Widmanstätten pattern, which, in this case, ensures that no two dials are exactly alike. 

Omega Constellation Meteorite
Omega Constellation 41mm in steel with rhodium-grey galvanised meteorite dial and ceramic bezel with Liquidmetal Roman numerals.

Available in four sizes – 25mm, 28mm, 29mm, and 41mm – the new Constellation Meteorite models are spread evenly across, with five choices in each size category. The variations are mainly based on case material, from full steel to full Moonshine or Sedna Gold, with bicolour options in between. Advanced colour treatment technologies have been employed to enhance the look of the dial with colours like rhodium-grey, icy blue, green, and lilac. Interestingly, the gold-coloured dials have been coated with Moonshine or Sedna Gold PVD to match the references in the brand’s proprietary yellow or rose gold alloy, respectively. While all the smaller models come with diamond-set bezels and hour markers, the 41mm versions have appliqued baton indexes and bezels in ceramic with Liquidmetal Roman numerals, titanium or 18K gold. 

Omega Constellation Meteorite
Omega Constellation 29mm in 18K yellow gold and steel with Moonshine Gold PVD-coated meteorite dial and diamonds.

Another distinction is found under the hood, with the 25mm and 28mm models driven by the Omega 4061 quartz movement with a battery life of approximately 48 months. The larger references, on the other hand, are powered by Master Chronometer calibres, guaranteeing the highest standards of precision, performance, and magnetic resistance, as certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). The 29mm models are fitted with Calibres 8700 or 8701 (the latter for the full-gold watches), both with a 50-hour power reserve, and the 41mm Constellation Meteorite comes with Calibres 8900 or 8901 (full-gold watches), both with 60 hours of autonomy.

Omega Constellation Meteorite
Omega Constellation is 25mm in Sedna Gold and steel with lilac colour-treated meteorite dial and diamonds.

With 20 Constellation Meteorite models (priced from S$12,250 to S$61,650), Omega is certainly spoiling us for choice. Add to this mix the fact that, due to the aforementioned Widmanstätten pattern, each watch has a unique dial, we highly recommend heading to an Omega boutique or authorised dealer in person to find one that is to your specific liking.


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