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BREAKING: Omega Is Launching A New Watch. And It Could Be Anytime Now.

This is not a drill. We repeat, this is not a drill.

UPDATE: Omega will make the announcement at 6pm, Singapore time. Stay tuned, people!

It seems all it takes to get the horological community in a heart-palpitating, sweat gland-activating frenzy is a naughty teaser like this one:

With a hashtag like #speedytuesday, we’re guessing it could be a new Speedy Tuesday in the vein of the campaign Omega ran last year, which saw the limited-edition watch sold out in just four hours.

While we don’t have all the deets, rumours are rife on the Internet that the drop might be sometime today. All we can tell you is to cancel all plans for the rest of the day and stalk Omega’s Instagram account.

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