Authentic Omega Vintage Watches To Get Certificate Of Authenticity

Omega Certificate of Authenticity

Making it legit and safe for collectors.

Omega Certificate of Authenticity

Provenance and authenticity—two of the biggest challenges that buyers of vintage and pre-owned timepieces have to grapple with—are now nullified to a huge extent when it comes to Omega watches.

To offer its customers and collectors assurance when buying vintage and pre-owned Omega watches, the brand is issuing Certificates of Authenticity for this category of watches that have been validated by Omega’s in-house experts.

How does one go about getting the certificate? You can bring the vintage Omega watch that is 30 years or older to a participating Omega boutique—readers in Singapore can head to the Marina Bay Sands boutique—or the brand’s head office in Switzerland. For a CHF800 fee, the watch will be sent to the Omega Heritage Team to be validated against the company’s records. How's that for peace of mind?


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