Urwerk Raises 96,500 Swiss Francs To Battle Covid-19

UR-100 ‘Fight C-19’

Proceeds go to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

UR-100 ‘Fight C-19’

Having described that they felt “humbled” by essential service workers who are braving the pandemic, the brand decided to auction the first numbered edition of the yellow gold version of the UR-100 to raise funds to help fight Covid-19, as we reported here.

The UR-100 ‘Fight C-19’ fetched CHF 96,500 and the winning bid went to a Liverpool-based Iranian national. The winning bidder selected the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) association as the beneficiary of the funds raised. According to LSTM’s website, the organisation has started a COVID-19 Response and Resilience Fund, which aims to procure “basic equipment for Malawi and create a pipeline of support to enable cutting-edge research, supporting the global response to tackling COVID-19”. Learn more about LSTM here.

Well done, Urwerk – and massive respect for the new owner of the UR-100 ‘Fight C-19’!


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