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Urwerk Fights Covid-19 With An Auction

All proceeds go towards fighting the pandemic.

Urwerk UR-100

With most of the world in some sort of a lockdown, the concept of time gets a little fuzzy as the global pandemic rages on. Acknowledging they don’t have medical workers, cleaners or delivery staff, Urwerk does its part the best way it knows how: by making a beautiful timepiece for auction.

The UR-100 was launched last year as a quirky way of showing the distance travelled by Earth and the distance the wearer has travelled on Earth—something most of us never really think about. But because the Earth is constantly revolving, we move along with it even when we’re just sitting still (for reference, in Singapore on the Equator, we move 40,000km in 24 hours, every day).

Urwerk UR-100

This year, the UR-100 gets an update in 2N gold. Cut from a solid block of yellow gold, the watch takes on a subtle sheen. Star Wars fans will note the nod to C-3PO in the hue of the satin-finished case, which also draws inspiration for its shape from the Millennium Falcon.

While the watch will be retailed at S$89,300. The first numbered edition will be put up for auction, with all proceeds going to the organisations fighting Covid-19 that Urwerk and the winner will choose.

The auction begins this Friday, 8 May 2020 at 10pm Singapore time, and will run for two days. To participate, click here


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