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RJ-Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon: Yours For US$258,000

Topping every Pokemon fan’s wish list.

RJ-Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon 
If you’re still catching Pokemons, this might be a timepiece you’d want to pick up too. If your stocks are doing well, that is. Or if your trust fund just matured, because this baby is going for a whopping US$258,000.

While you pick your jaw up from off the floor, let’s take a look at the watch itself. The second collaboration between RJ-Romain Jerome and The Pokemon Company International (the first was a 20-piece limited edition watch (below) based on the brand’s Moon Invader model and priced at US$20,000), the Tourbillon Pokemon features a colourful enamel dial filled with various Pokemon characters and the most famous of all, Pikachu, in prime position at 12 o'clock.

RJ x Pokemon
RJ-Romain Jerome's first collaboration with The Pokemon Company International 

The said tourbillon is positioned at six o’clock with a bridge in the shape of the lightning bolt associated with Pikachu, while a transparent caseback allows you a look at the Pikachu-shaped oscillating weight (below). Blue and yellow stitching—a nod to the colours of Pokemon—complete the look on the black leather strap.

RJ-Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon 

We’re not sure what demand for this watch will be like but there will definitely be some very deep-pocketed Pokemon fans out there. The only problem? It’s a unique piece so, just like catching those Pokemons, you’ve gotta be fast.

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