Casio Celebrates NDP2017!

Casio Singapore fukubukuro bag

With a special Japanese twist!

We all know a good deal when we see one, and this is a GREAT deal. To celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday, Casio is offering fukubukuro bags – traditional Japanese mystery gift bags filled with a variety of items that are usually worth more than what you pay for.

Casio Singapore fukubukuro bag

Although each Casio fukubukuro costs S$188 (‘fuku’ means ‘good fortune’, and ‘bukuro’ means bag in Japanese), the actual value of a bag ranges from S$353 to S$655. Inside each bag are a range of items that include a G-Shock GA-710 watch, G-Shock t-shirt, cavas tote bag, tumbler, and if you are lucky, a Casio FR10 camera. The bags are available at G-Factory stores from 21 July 2017.

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