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BREAKING: Baselworld’s MCH Group CEO René Kamm Resigns

The plot thickens.

Okay. We can safely say this whole Baselworld debacle has reached a K-drama level of, well, drama.

The watch world was first taken aback when Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek announced six days ago he would pull the group’s 18 brands from Baselworld 2019, citing, amongst other factors, the high costs involved, and the organisation’s reluctance to evolve with the times.

MCH, Baselworld’s parent company, fired back with new MD Michel Loris-Melikoff expressing surprise at Hayek’s allegations, particularly since they had a new team on board with many new ideas.

Today, we learn that MCH CEO René Kamm has, together with the Supervisory Board of MCH Group, “reached the joint and mutual conclusion that the time has come for a change in the operational leadership of MCH Group in view of the fundamental transformation phase in business operations.” Which is really PR talk for “we’re screwed”.

Stay tuned to see what happens next. Meantime, you can read our predictions and thoughts here.

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