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Stephane Waser: Five Questions With Maurice Lacroix’s Managing Director

“It’s about consistency and focus.”

Stephane Waser

What was it like when you took over the brand in 2014?
It was a big challenge because we didn’t have an iconic, recognisable hero product. So it’s been hard work these four years. We underwent very precise, thought-through processes to discover which were the right collections and products. We also needed quite a lot of work on the whole strategy with marketing and distribution.

Are you happy with the way things have gone so far?
Yes, very much so. Every day, it’s a pleasure to come to work because it’s not just about the work that needs to be done but also the team. We’ve had a new team in place now for about two and a half years, with six of us in the management team. You can only do good work with a good team.

What’s your proudest achievement at the brand?
Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic Chronograph
Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic Chronograph

The Aikon was a defining moment for me. To have found this product, worked on it and defined the strategy and steps to market it, that has made me very happy and is one of my proudest achievements since joining Maurice Lacroix.

What are your sentiments on the watch market today?
There are a lot of changes happening in this industry. You can see this in how information is communicated via digital and social media, as well as the increase of e-commerce and online sales. These are all challenges which affect the industry very intensively and this is a big change that everybody will have to face in the coming years.

Could you share your strategy for Maurice Lacroix in the next five years?
Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Square Wheel Retrograde
Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Square Wheel Retrograde

It’s about consistency and focus. We will be building on the Aikon collection but the Masterpiece series is also important. It’s really a balance you have to find, with the marketing as well as commercial aspects of the business.

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