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Luminox Tough Viking 3500 Series: Singapore Price And Review

This Luminox is good enough for Thor.

Luminox Tough Viking 3500 Series
Luminox Tough Viking 3500 Series with rubber strap

You know that feeling when you want to put your body through incredible stress and race through an obstacle course replete with fire, electricity, water and barbed wires? No, we didn’t think so.

But apparently, there are ninja warrior-type aficionados who would willingly do this (‘willingly’ being the operational word) and they’re the ones who participate in Scandinavia’s largest obstacle race, Tough Viking, designed in collaboration with the Swedish elite maritime unit, Kustjägarna. Talk about a mixture of fear and awe.

Luminox is no stranger to such gruelling races. Having organised their own challenges, codenamed ‘Luminox Special Operations Challenge’ (L.S.O.C.), they take participants through physically and mentally challenging exercises inspired by the training Navy SEALs undergo. And if there was any watch that could take the pounding of these intense activities, it would be a Luminox. Hands down.

So it was really no surprise when they collaborated with Tough Viking to launch the Tough Viking 3500 Series Special Edition Watch Set. The black 45mm Carbon Compound case (it comes with a uni-directional ratcheting bezel) is suitably large to fit gladiator-sized wrists and the dial is protected by a scratch-resistant tempered mineral glass. A double gasket stainless steel crown enables the watch to be water resistant to 200m.

A lot of the classic Luminox watches, like the Navy SEAL series, come in an all-black or grey ensemble. While that works for when you want to go into stealth mode, it’s not the most exciting colour scheme.

Luminox Tough Viking 3500 Series

This Tough Viking watch comes with an olive dial and newly designed Luminox signature strap with an additional green NATO strap (above). We love that it’s not black (yay!) but still retains that military vibe in its aesthetics. And in case you need a reminder that the watch is tough as nails, Thor’s helmet (Tough Viking’s logo) on the dial should more than suffice.

Luminox Tough Viking 3500 Series
To enhance visibility in all conditions, the watch uses tiny tritium gas tubes which will ensure constant illumination for up to 25 years—a crucial part of Luminox’s DNA. These tritium gas tubes do not require an external source to charge them so you’ll always get that boost of light whenever you need it. Additionally, the seconds hand comes in a striking orange hue to contrast against the olive dial for better readability.

Right from the outset, this watch is very clear in its purpose and design. It’s not a sleek dress watch or something that you wear to a formal ‘do. But it is a rugged, dependable and lightweight companion that would be right at home in the outdoors or wherever your next adventure takes you.


45mm, Carbon Compound


Olive with Tough Viking logo at six o'clock and tritium gas tubes around the hours markers


Ronda 515, Swiss quartz


Luminox signature rubber strap with additional green NATO strap (strap changing tool included)


Hours, minutes, seconds



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