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Luminox Pacific Diver 3120 Gold Limited Edition: Singapore Price And Review

Adventure, but make it luxe.

Luminox Pacific Diver 3120 Gold Limited Edition

Let’s be honest—luxury isn’t something you’d associate with Luminox. Utilitarian and rugged, yes. Lavish? Well, you might be better off in the glitzy boutiques of Patek Philippe or Rolex for that.


This time round, however, Luminox is offering that same level of toughness and dependability with a touch of luxe. And the result is a striking timepiece with gold accents that really take the look up a notch.

Luminox Pacific Diver 3120 Gold Limited Edition

As its name suggests, the Luminox Pacific Diver has a deep connection with the Pacific Ocean, a key testing ground for every single timepiece that Luminox produces. And when you make timepieces for some of the toughest professions out there (Navy SEAL, anyone?), the world’s deepest ocean is a great place to put them through a stress test.

Luminox Pacific Diver 3120 Gold Limited Edition

But back to this specific timepiece. On paper, it comes in a 44mm Carbonox case but in the flesh, it isn’t overwhelming, even though we have small wrists. This is probably due, in part, to the rubber straps that don’t protrude awkwardly from the lugs. One of our pet peeves is rubber straps with a fixed curvature at the lugs, which actually cause the watch to sit rather uncomfortably on the wrist. Or maybe it’s a people-with-small-wrists problem. In any case, we’ve always liked how Luminox’s rubber straps are pliable enough to mould to any wrist size.

Luminox Pacific Diver 3120 Gold Limited Edition

Thanks to the use of Carbonox, the watch is incredibly light, making it perfect for the most vigorous outdoor activity. The dial and indices are sheathed in black for a mysterious air, while gold-plated accents on the logo, hands, date window and ‘200 meters’ text add a dash of elegance. This is complemented by the same gold-plated touches on the bezel markers and crown, for a cohesive look.

Luminox Pacific Diver 3120 Gold Limited Edition

As with all Luminox watches, the Pacific Diver features the brand’s Luminox Light Technology, or LLT, with tritium tubes that keep the watch glowing for up to 25 years in any sort of light conditions.

Flip the watch around and you’ll notice the black caseback displays a limited-edition number, along with the Luminox motto, ‘Every Second Counts’. Whether you’re a Navy SEAL or just a regular human being like the rest of us, we’re sure that’s a motto that will resonate.

Luminox Pacific Diver 3120 Gold Limited Edition

For a watch with adventure in its DNA, the Luminox Pacific Diver 3120 Gold Limited Edition is surprisingly versatile. We can see it on the wrist of a city slicker as much as that of an adventure junkie. And chances are, you’ll fall into either category.


44mm Carbonox




Ronda 515 Quartz


Hours, minutes, seconds, date

 Water Resistance


 Limited Edition

1,111 pieces




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