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Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph: Singapore Price And Review

Robust, recycled, reinvigorating new adventure watches from Luminox.

Can we think of a better tie-up than Luminox’s partnership with renowned adventurer, Bear Grylls? A US Navy SEALs-approved brand, Luminox is famed for its hardy functionality, bolstered by its proprietary ultra-luminescent, tritium gas tube-aided technology that helps the watches glow brightly for a staggering 25 years. Bear Grylls, on the other hand, is the famous and charismatic ex-British Special Forces extreme adventurer who has thrilled television audiences the world over with his nature-defying feats and expeditions on shows such as Man Vs Wild and World’s Toughest Race. This is, truly, a match made in jungle survival paradise.

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph

Since putting ink to paper, the Bear Grylls-Luminox collaboration has yielded several interesting watches. Whether the debut Luminox X Bear Grylls Survival Collection, comprising substantially sized quartz chronographs in carbon cases, or the limited edition Luminox Bear Grylls NGU 3809 Series in a 46mm Carbonox+ case with striking orange dial and strap, the watches are distinguished by their hard-wearing features and style, anchored by light but robust cases, Luminox’s signature lighting technology and dashes of bright orange, which is Grylls’ trademark colour.

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph

For 2022, the watch company revisits the #tide series of eco-friendly watches that it debuted in 2020 with Grylls, rolling out the Luminox x Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph. A trio of colourful quartz chronographs, this new line-up promises to make an impression in the wild or otherwise.

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph

Luminox’s #tide watches are recognised by their cases, bezels and straps, which are made 100 per cent from recycled ocean-bound plastics. Created in collaboration with Swiss-based recycling company, Tide Ocean, the recycled watch components are manufactured using plastic waste collected by fishermen off the coast of Thailand. The used plastic is then registered, washed and processed into a granular material that can be injected into moulds or spun into a yarn.

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph

Like earlier Luminox #tide watches, the case and bezel are made with recycled plastic that is moulded over a metal frame, resulting in a watch that is both lightweight and tough at the same time. Admittedly, the translucent, muddy look of the recycled plastic case is an acquired taste. Its light, brown-ish tint may appear grubby for some. But for those who ‘get’ the appearance, the worn and rough-hewn look aptly expresses the watch’s message of outdoor exploration and ocean conservation.

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph

That said, Lumniox has injected some fresh and funky colours into the mix with this year’s offerings. The Luminox x Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronographs are instantly enlivened by bright shades of canary yellow, rich sky blue and camouflage olive green.

Of the three, the green version looks the most Luminox-like with its military-esque demeanour. The models in yellow and blue, on the other hand, offer something striking and new to the brand’s typical all-black colour template – a refreshing draw, especially for younger watch lovers. All three variants come with straps made of recycled plastic that matches the colours of the dials, as well as orange crowns, an ‘X’ logo at four o’clock and a S.O.S Morse code guide added to the minute tracker, as nods to Grylls spirit of adventure. For outdoors lovers looking for a watch that not only matches their passion but actively contributes to the preservation of nature, the Luminox x Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph makes a trusty, kindred accompaniment.

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph


45mm #tide recycled ocean plastic


Blue, yellow or green


Quartz chronograph


Hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph

 Water Resistance





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