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Luminox Atacama Field Chrono Alarm 1944: Singapore & Malaysia Price And Review

Need a watch for the great outdoors? This affordable and hardy Luminox checks all the right boxes.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. That was certainly true for field watches, used in battlefields during the First World War. Created in the 1880s, these watches were developed as a response to soldiers’ needs for light, portable and reliable timepieces that could withstand the harsh environment they were in. This meant the watches had to be both water- and shock-resistant, but still accurate and small enough to be strapped on the wrist.
Luminox Atacama Field Chrono Alarm 1944
By the same logic, the field watches today ought to be able to take some beating, without breaking your bank or heart. And if so, more affordable quartz-driven options will certainly be worth looking at.

We know what you’re thinking—mechanical trumps quartz. But let’s set the bias aside for a bit and consider the merits of the field watch-inspired Atacama Field Chrono Alarm 1944 (above) launched late last year.

Looks-wise, the first thing that strikes you is its piercing blue dial, contrasted with a complementary tan leather strap for a rugged, utilitarian vibe. At first glance, the dial looks busy with large Arabic numerals, three sub-dials and a date window, but the sizable numbers are great for visibility, especially when you need quick and easy access to the hours.

What distinguishes this watch from the others in the Luminox stable like the Carbon SEAL 3801, for example, is the Chrono Alarm. It uses Luminox’s proprietary sound box construction which offers a highly audible sound so you don’t ever miss your wake-up call.

Luminox Atacama Field Chrono Alarm 1944 
As performing admirably in low light situations, the watch’s hands and hour markers glow with a unique illumination system that doesn’t require any prior exposure to a light source. This self-powered function allows the time to be visible continuously for up to 25 years—quite an impressive feat, if you ask us, and evidently, the US Navy SEALs think so too since Luminox has been their watch of choice for over two generations.
Luminox Atacama Field Chrono Alarm 1940 series

Luminox Atacama Field Chrono Alarm 1940 series 
The vintage-inspired Atacama Field Chrono Alarm collection comes in other variations (above), ranging from carbon fibre dials to stainless steel bracelets. Its outdoorsy appeal is further accentuated by an oversized 45mm brushed stainless steel case. Oh and did we mention that it is quite a steal at less than S$1,500 a pop? (Or below RM3,700 for our readers in Malaysia.) It’s not the watch you’d pick for a black tie ‘do but you’d want this sturdy timekeeper by your side wherever your next adventure takes you.


45mm, brushed stainless steel


Blue sunray


Ronda 5130.D Chronograph Alarm




Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, alarm, date


S$1,369.60, RM3,683.50

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