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Why You Should Wear Black Right Now

The non-colour is making a comeback and we like what we see.

ICYMI, Vantablack made headlines again recently when renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor was given the exclusive rights to use it in art. For the uninitiated, Vantablack is the darkest material ever created. It’s supposedly so black scientists can’t even measure its darkness. That’s some hard core stuff right there.

For the rest of us mere mortals, regular black works just as well. It looks great on Darth Vader, a tad douchey on Batman (not judging you, Dark Knight fans) and très chic on Karl Lagerfeld.

But if you’re not ready to dive into black from head to toe, start small and accessorise smart. We’d go with timepieces, naturally. Here are some bad boys we’ve picked out:


If you had any doubts at all about the colour of this watch, the words “black” and “dark” should provide some clarification. Designed to look like black military utility equipment, the timepiece is finished with PVD-treated coating derived from the thin film technology used by NASA. It also comes in a choice of black PVD-treated steel bracelet or aged leather strap, together with an extra grey fabric strap with black PVD-treated buckle. Just in case, you know, you can’t decide which shade of black to wear.


The 2016 models of Tag Heuer’s popular signature chrono feature the same Heuer-01 in-house calibre launched in 2015 but come entirely refurbished. We like the ceramic and rubber version where all the watch parts exposed to potential friction (the case, case middle, bezel and lugs) are made with black ceramic to reduce signs of wear. A nifty tachymeter scale and textured rubber strap extend the sporty heritage of the watch while the skeleton dial gives a peek into the mechanism within.


This limited edition timepiece combines the Superocean Heritage with new technical innovations of Breitling's star automatic movement, the Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01. With silicon escapement and wheels, elastic toothing and a 100-hour power reserve, among other advancements, this ticker is a force to be reckoned with. It also has a black oscillating weight and is decked out in a matte black ceramic case, with a black woven rubber strap. We just said “black” too many times didn’t we?


Okay seriously, you can’t look at this watch and not feel your rebel biker heart beat a little faster (hello, off-centre crown). While the skull itself is not new, the black opaque liquid is. Like the 2015 model, the liquid indicates the hour by moving in a glass capillary that forms the outline of the skull. However, the black hue of the liquid this time round means that you won’t be able to tell the time in the dark. But before you assume it’s a technical flaw, HYT CEO Vincent Perriard says it was a deliberate decision. “Night is part of the world of shadows and darkness,” he says, “perfectly in tune with the spirit of the skull.” Someone give the guy a biker jacket already.

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Like most people these days, Melissa tells the time with her phone. She considers serious timepieces works of art and thinks the perpetual calendar is the handiest complication to date (pun not intended). She's also a Grammar Nazi but promises not to judge if you can't tell the difference between "guilloche" and "guillotine".

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