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What Bertrand Meylan Really Thinks About H. Moser’s New Watches

In his own words.

Bertrand Meylan

MELB Asia’s CEO, Bertrand Meylan, was in town recently with a number of watches from H. Moser & Cie’s 2018 collection. Here’s what he had to say about the four pieces he showed us.

Swiss Alp Watch Minute Repeater Tourbillon
H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch Minute Repeater Tourbillon

The minute repeater used to be a very useful complication in the past when there was no electricity and you had to tell the time at night by making the watch ring. I believe it’s one of the most amazing complications that exist today. We made ours even more special with a rectangular shape—not easy because it’s difficult to know where the hammers should strike to get the right sound! Not only is it our first minute repeater, it’s also our most romantic watch as of today.

Pioneer Centre Seconds Cosmic Green
H. Moser Pioneer Centre Seconds Cosmic Green

This is a watch I love to wear daily as it’s very comfortable. You can wear it both with jeans or with a suit. Using an automatic movement in a steel case, this watch is part of our sports collection and has a 120m water resistance. Even though green seems to be a difficult colour, you quickly realise that it goes with everything. It's very easy to wear with black, blue, any colour, really. It's quite amazing. 

Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Steel
H. Moser Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Steel

This watch is beyond a statement piece. It’s a tourbillon with no brand name because it’s from our Concept collection, where we remove all logos, indexes and branding. This one has our new calibre—the HMC 804 automatic flying tourbillon—and is limited to 20 pieces in steel. Together with our signature fume dial, this understated watch is a statement in itself.

Endeavour Flying Hours
H. Moser Endeavour Flying Hours
We’ve never done anything like this for Moser but, at the same time, it’s very Moser. It has a Moser look but a completely different approach to the time and it’s what I love about this watch. It has a wandering hours complication, with the minutes turning and the hours jumping on each side. We’ve discovered that what’s interesting is how you create a watch that will tell you the time very differently. We worked on this for a long time and I’m happy that in the end, we achieved a very Moser watch but different enough that it can open us up to many other creative opportunities.

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