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Watches And Fashion: Up Your Style Game Now

Watches, meet the style meisters.

Before you get all hot under the collar and decry any notions that your timepieces aren’t already the most stylish in the universe, let’s assure you that they are. Just not in the same league as the ones here though.

We’re talking collaborations between watchmakers and some of the best names in the field of fashion. From shoemakers Christian Louboutin, Berluti and Massaro, to the oldest fabric manufacturer in the world, Vitale Barberis Canonico, these sartorial mavens bring their sense of fashion to the world of horology.


In honour of the legendary Reverso’s 85th birthday, Jaeger-LeCoultre enlisted the design chops of Monsieur Louboutin — yes, he of the red soles fame — to refresh the Reverso Classic Duetto. The new collection injects his flashy and chic sensibilities, demonstrated by this beauty featuring an iridescent strap.


Admit it, fellas — you have shoe fantasies too. And we’re betting at one point or another, it has revolved around a pair of Berlutis. Famed for their Venezia leather and beautiful patina, Berluti shoes are seen on the feet of CEOs and celebrities alike, and now their buttery leather is gracing Hublot’s Classic Fusion model too. Aside from the luxurious straps that bear either the signature Berluti “Gaspard” incision or engraved calligraphy, the dials are also made of Venezia leather — a feat in itself to use organic material in a sealed watch case. This special edition comes in two colours — All Black and Scritto, a tobacco hue, with the former limited to just 500 pieces.


Nothing says bespoke like a pair of shoes crafted by legendary Parisian shoemaker, Massaro. Credited with creating the iconic two-tone Chanel slingbacks, Massaro is a giant in the world of haute couture. Together with Roger Dubuis, the two houses have introduced an ultra glamorous version of the Velvet watch. Referenced from a Massaro heel design, the Velvet Massaro timepiece bears a pleated leather strap in burnished gold, matched by the gold barrel-shaped dial centre bathed in diamonds. Added bling adorns the lugs and bezel, giving this timepiece some serious shine.


In non-footwear-related news, Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale collection looks set to dress up any man’s outfit. In collaboration with the world’s oldest fabric manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin’s Savile Row-inspired collection gives new meaning to the term, “dress watch”. Classic patterns like the herringbone, pinstripe, tartan, windowpane and Prince of Wales check, are painstakingly recreated by master enamellists and guillocheurs, who etch them onto dials in delicious shades like raspberry, toffee and chocolate. Menswear never looked better.

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