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Superhero Swag: Three Watches To Wear Now

Because you need to look good saving the day.

Robert Downey Jr. 

With Spider-Man Homecoming now screening, we couldn’t help but fix our eyes on the sexy beast that is the Urwerk UR-110 RG adorning the equally sexy Robert Downey Jr.’s wrist in his scenes as Tony Stark. Tough, mean and thoroughly innovative, this bad boy (the watch, not RDJ) is clad in titanium to keep it hardy yet light. It’s also got an 18K rose gold bezel and bright yellow accents on the dial.

Urwerk UR-110 RG

As part of the UR-Satellite collection, this watch tells the time with orbiting satellite complications. The time is indicated on the right with a rotating cube showing the hours and a vertical line displaying the minutes from top to bottom. Dual turbines regulate the automatic winding system while the ‘oil change’ indicator tells you when the watch is due to be serviced.

HYT Skull Red

If your style icon is Tony Stark, we’d recommend the HYT Skull Red Eye from 2015 (above) for a very obvious reason. This Iron Man doppelganger is HYT’s unique way of displaying the time via bellows and a liquid-filled capillary. The diameter of the tube measures less than one millimetre, requiring great skill and delicacy in shaping it. The bright red left eye is actually the seconds sub-dial while the red eye indicates the power reserve level.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 116610LV
Iron Man not quite your thing? Then channel your inner beast with the Rolex ‘Hulk’. This Submariner (more here) shares more than a moniker with Bruce Banner’s super strong alter ego; it’s decked out in a brilliant shade of green that, undoubtedly, is associated with the superhero. An emerald sunburst dial endows the watch with a beautiful metallic sheen that radiates with a different glow as it catches the light from various angles.

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