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Singapore Microbrands: Insights From Zelos Founder, Elshan Tang

“Many customers prefer the safer route of a larger brand name.”

Elshan Tang

In our new series of interviews with Singapore microbrand owners, we ask them to tell us about the challenges and misconceptions associated with running a watch microbrand. Here, Elshan Tang of Zelos talks about pushing boundaries.

The most common misconception about microbrands is people tend to think quality or service is lacking, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Microbrands offer a great combination of unique designs, good value and personalised service that watch lovers would find difficult to get from the larger brands.

Zelos Helmsman 2
The Zelos Helmsman 2

It’s an uphill battle to educate the local market about the merits of watch microbrands. Although Singapore has a small—albeit growing—market, many customers prefer the safer route of a larger brand name.

Numbers don’t define us. The definition of a microbrand is pretty grey, but I feel the buying experience of being able to communicate directly to the founders are a huge aspect of it.

Zelos ZX Chronographs

I want to push boundaries. When it comes to Zelos, I hope to continue producing watches that I love, as well as push the boundaries for what’s being offered in this price segment.

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