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Ocean’s 8: Watches They Should Wear

Beautiful ladies and beautiful watches.

We’re always in favour of an all-female Hollywood blockbuster because really, how many have there been, right? And while we don’t have the expertise to comment on the (seriously awesome) wardrobe, here’s how we would have dressed their wrists:

DEBBIE (Sandra Bullock)

Rolex Day-Date 40
As mastermind of the incredible heist, Debbie needs a watch that will match her 'girl boss' status. And there aren't many watches that scream 'BOSS SWAG' like a Rolex Day-Date. In 40mm yellow gold, no less. Pair that with diamond indexes and bling on the bezel, and she's set. Now to go take over the world. Or steal a $150million necklace, whatever. 

LOU (Cate Blanchett)

Ronde Louis Cartier Watch With Wood And Gold Leaf Marquetry

Behind every boss is a solid right hand man. Or woman, in this case. As best friend and trusty sidekick to Debbie, Lou is always watching the scene, recruiting the right people and keeping her eye out for her BFF. This gorgeous Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier watch with wood and gold leaf marquetry features stunning peridot panther eyes, and is perfect for the gal with her eyes on the prize. Plus, it's super sexy, just like Lou.

TAMMY (Sarah Paulsen)

Omega Tresor

Debbie's old friend and former partner-in-crime, Tammy is now a stay-at-home mum who gets coaxed back into the business to help pull off the $150million heist. Like her character, this Omega De Ville Trésor is reliable and trustworthy, with just enough bling to be a little dangerous. It's also minimalist enough for when she transitions back into mummy life, but many times richer.     

CONSTANCE (Awkwafina)

Corum Bubble 42
The funny street con of the crew, Constance is incredibly talented in the art of swindling. Or duping. Or cheating. Recruited in a park performing nimble card tricks, Constance's skills of deception make her a huge asset to the team. This Corum Bubble 42, with its domed sapphire crystal and optical illusion, is just the watch for her. The playing cards on the dial are a nod to her trade, not to mention the sneaky joker at six o'clock.

AMITA (Mindy Kaling)


Van Cleef & Arpels Pivoine Secrete Watch
It's apt that Amita the jewellery designer should have a watch completely bedecked in jewels. Like this Van Cleef & Arpels Pivoine Secrète watch from their Le Jardins collection. Generously lavished with diamonds, pink sapphires, spessartite garnets and mint tourmalines, this secret watch is a wink to the group's clandestine activities. 

ROSE (Helena Bonham Carter)

Jaquet Droz Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch

A wristwatch for the quirky fashion designer? Too mainstream. That's why we think this Jaquet Droz Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch fits Rose to a T. Forget for a moment that she's knee-deep in debt to the IRS, and you'll see how this minute repeater with Jaquet Droz's signature automatons is such a perfect timepiece for Rose Weil. 

DAPHNE (Anne Hathaway)

Harry Winston Premier Candy

Apart from the fact that the raspberry strap on this delicious Harry Winston sparkler matches Daphne's gown completely, this Harry Winston Premier Candy is totally red carpet (not to mention Met Gala) -worthy. Already a regular at high profile glitzy events, Harry Winston is beyond a doubt the right name for a celebrity like Daphne Kluger. As long as they don't steal this along with her Cartier necklace. 

NINE BALL (Rihanna)

Urwerk UR105CT 
She's tough, she's resourceful, and she kicks ass with her hacking skills. So it's apt that Nine Ball's watch is nothing less than exceptional. Albeit a masculine timepiece, this Urwerk UR105CT Streamliner is a nifty ticker for undoubtedly the coolest girl in the group. Equipped with a wandering hour indication with an open carousel carrying three satellites for the hours, this machine is a techie's dream.


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