Rolex And Rock Music? We Match Watches To Music Tastes

Your tastes in music may just reveal quite a bit about the watches you like.


You consider yourself a musical purist since the history of classical music predates many other genres. You tend to be quiet and contemplative, politely acknowledging your friend’s more raucous tastes in radio channels while silently applauding yourself for understanding what refinement is. More than just a casual appreciator, you likely can – or want to – play an instrument or five, and read scores better than people read lyrics.

HOROLOGICAL LEANING: Heritage and tradition matter to you, and you have as much interest in a timepiece’s calibre as you do its case. Chiming watches are a plus.

LIKELY TO WEAR: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Ulysse Nardin 


Like classical music fans, metalheads are hugely proud of just how much they know about their favourite musicians, songs and histories of each sub-sub-sub-genre. You have a deeply sensitive soul that just happens to be masked by the scars sustained from enjoying dramatic music that’s punched into you at those rainforests of flesh and hair you call mosh pits.

HOROLOGICAL LEANING: Whatever’s extremely out of left field with pages of philosophy to follow each reference. It doesn’t have to be indestructible, but its spirit must be unafraid. Like your jaw.

LIKELY TO WEAR: Artya, Romain Jerome 


As a fan of pop music, you are used to the hate your types get for having the audacity to like music that everyone else likes. But you know there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy tunes that are fun, catchy and make you feel good. Because of its mass appeal, you’ll never have trouble finding someone who feels the same way.

HOROLOGICAL LEANING: Watches with the primary purpose of delighting its wearer, either in form or function. The more options, the better.

LIKELY TO WEAR: Franck Muller, Swatch


Hip hop is as much a lifestyle as it is a musical genre, and it’s one that seems best suited to expressive youth. Rapping, graffiti, breakdancing and DJ-ing just doesn’t look as cool on the wizened. You pull no punches and the rules (grammatical or otherwise) are there to be broken. You urban, you underground, you slick. It’s all about the swagger, yo.


LIKELY TO WEAR: Hublot, Audemars Piguet


It’s all about love when it comes to people who groove to electronic dance music. Love for flashing lights, beats that alter your heart rate, and fellow ravers whose armpits you’ve gotten intimately familiar with. You want experiences that you can feel with your soul rather than your hands, as the latter will be surgically attached to your camera phone so you can record and share the show.

HOROLOGICAL LEANING: You’re all about the future and being connected, so mechanical toys won’t interest you as much as trendy digital watches that will match your beaded gauntlets.

LIKELY TO WEAR: Nixon, Apple Watch, Casio, paper wristbands


A genre so massive and well-loved through the decades that it’s probably the only style that people can’t really make fun of or hate on with any real conviction. You can be 17 or 70 and your faded jeans-loving lot will welcome you with open arms the second you belt out November Rain.  You’re confident, easy going but just the right amount of edge to hold your own.

HOROLOGICAL LEANING: Like rock, you want a watch that will fit right in in any situation. You can appreciate tickers that are wildly popular or restrictively niche as long as it works well.


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