Review: Greubel Forsey – QP ‘a’ Equation

Horologically inclined chin-strokers will have a field day geek-ing out on this one.

One of the smartest mechanical watches ever, the QP ‘a’ Equation features at its heart a complex nerve centre that its creators christened ‘Computer Mechanique’. What this “computer” does is that it is programmed to automatically display the seasons, equinoxes, solstices, the equation of time, the date, the day, the month and the four-digit year. Not only that, it does so in perpetuity and allows the user the privilege of making adjustments just from the crown alone. Oh, and it even finds space to include an inclined tourbillon, a Greubel Forsey signature.  

Price; S$1,075,350 (incld GST)

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