Partying With Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

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We rate the watch’s revelry-readiness.

This special feature is brought to you by Glashütte Original.

Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

What comes to mind when we say: ‘German watch’? Don’t think too hard now. Solid? Classic? Complicated? No-nonsense? Ok, what about party-friendly? Nah, we didn’t think so, either. Which was why we couldn’t pass up on the chance to test the Glashütte Original Senator Chronograph Panorama Date’s party credentials, after documenting its technical virtues here and here.

For those who are unfamiliar with Glashütte Original, it is one of the top German watch brands on the planet today. Its roots date back to 1845, and the company is famous for making some of the most exquisite, elegant and technically accomplished wristwatches to rival the best the Swiss have to offer.


While its pedigree and mechanical merits are never in doubt, how does Glashütte Original’s latest sports model fare in social situations?

Anyway, this is how the brand portrays the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date at an after-hours dinner in an ‘official’ image.

Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

For our REAL-LIFE depictions, yours truly wore the watch to two weddings. I put it through a variety of outfit changes, and braved disapproving looks by taking wristshots that obscured the bride and groom. Suffice to say, the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date got more than its fair share of attention.

The bride and groom, who have an irreverent sense of humour, threw a sarong party-themed wedding. Cultural exchange? Hell, yeah! Germany’s finest horological exports met Malay heritage-inspired garb! The result was phenomenal, to say the least.

Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

The sartorial pairing, while unusual, didn’t feel odd. The Senator Chronograph Panorama’s innate sportiness, heft, and casual chic worked beautifully with the T-shirt-and-sarong get-up. Coincidentally, the watch’s distinctive blue hands and markers totally matched the gorgeous weaves on the sarong – an unexpected but total score!

Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

The second wedding, which took place the next day, followed a traditional Chinese wedding format. This meant a tea-ceremony in the morning (where the couple would ‘serve tea’ to their elders as a symbolic welcome of sorts into their respective families), and a formal dinner in the evening.

For the morning event, the Senator Chronograph Panorama was paired with a simple blue checked shirt and navy chinos – again to play match-y match-y with the watch’s blue-and-black dial.

Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

The smart-casual look is probably the most obvious way to go when wearing the Senator Chronograph Panorama. The watch’s imposing dimensions (42mm steel case) and striking chronograph interface ensured that it stood out among the sea of blue.

Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

How does one do formalwear with a sports chronograph? The Senator Chronograph Panorama isn’t a svelte dress watch that would slide inconspicuously under the cuff. To play to its strengths, I decided to tone down on the stuffiness of a full suit with a contrasting jacket-and-chinos combo, and do away with a tie.

Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

Sure enough, the watch hung outside the cuff in a defiant manner, drawing attention as an unabashed piece of man-accessory. Not a bad thing at all, as a number of enquiries about the timepiece come my way.

Contrary to expectations, the chronograph-and-suit jacket pair-up didn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable. And for naysayers who bemoan the combination as a sartorial abomination, I say, give it a go. You’d be surprised at how it turns out.

Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

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