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INTRODUCING: The Moritz Grossmann HAMATIC Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition

F E A T U R E :

The Moritz Grossmann HAMATIC Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition

Darren Ho

Written By Darren Ho


23 May, 2024

Sincere Fine Watches Kicks Off Its 70th Anniversary Celebrations With A Stellar Release.

The watch retail business today looks nothing like what it did back in 1954, years before Singapore had even established itself as a nation. That did not stop Sincere from establishing itself as the state’s first luxury watch retailer. Seventy years on, Sincere remains committed to its longstanding vision: curating exceptional watchmaking from across the globe while striving to remain at the forefront of a continually evolving luxury watch retail landscape.

  • The SHH boutique in Taipei. Sincere Haute Horlogerie was first conceptualised in 2005, taking the retailer beyond standard watch retail. In 2022, this concept was refreshed and reintroduced into the market as SHH, remaining highly relevant and a champion of independent watchmaking.

  • Moritz Grossmann’s HAMATIC Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition is the first watch to commemorate Sincere’s 70th anniversary.

To celebrate the retailer’s 70th, it has announced the release of 12 special editions by watchmakers, each with a unique place in horological history. The list includes Greubel Forsey, Ferdinand Berthoud, Laurent Ferrier, and many more (click here for more information). The first limited edition released today is with Glashütte watchmaker Moritz Grossmann.

The Moritz Grossmann HAMATIC Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition

Moritz Grossmann’s movements are a living, breathing anthology of watchmaking innovations from the last three centuries. They frequently incorporate historical watchmaking ideas and techniques while adding a creative twist, giving us a new perspective on horology. One example is the Benu Tourbillon’s human hair brush, which disengages the tourbillon when setting time.

The brand’s signature look – a clean, pristine dial with narrow Roman numeral or bar indexes and ultra-slim hands with delicate poire tips – is typically used on its key collections such as the HAMATIC. Named for the unique winding system the movement employs, the HAMATIC has a three-part case construction with a barely present bezel that’s designed to keep your attention on the dial. The conical-style knurled crown and case design remind us of a pocket watch. The lugs have rounded edges and are curved on both sides for wearing comfort as well as aesthetics.

Moritz Grossmann’s Calibre 106.0 is unique, with a bidirectional operating hammer mechanism taking the place of a standard oscillating rotor. The mechanism’s movement is dictated by a hammer spring that guides the hammer body’s motion on sapphire rollers. As the hammer oscillates, it drives two click levers that wind the mainspring both ways, adding a bit of efficiency to the function. The unconventional self-winding system is exactly the type of eccentric ingenuity Sincere’s customers love, making it an ideal choice for a limited-edition anniversary watch.

The HAMATIC Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee is housed in a 41mm diameter rose gold case with an extruding sapphire crystal over the dial, which is both stunning visually and a milestone for the brand. It features goldstone, which is a manufactured glittering glass that’s produced when glass is heated and combined with copper, creating little crystalline elements that are suspended within the material.

This is the first time Moritz Grossmann has worked with goldstone. Chosen specially to celebrate Sincere’s 70th anniversary, the effect is quite heavenly. The deep midnight blue glass material used as the base of the goldstone echoes the midnight sky, with myriad stars twinkling. The small seconds display on the dial shares the same material, with the counter slightly sunken in to distinguish between it and the main dial. The elongated trapezoid hour markers, with a Roman ‘XII’ at the top of the dial, as well as the brand’s logo, are all that adorn the display. The two tones of deep blue and rose gold hues in the case and goldstone flakes preserve its simple elegance.

Turning the watch over reveals the Calibre 106.0 and the hammer’s operation, something that will surely fascinate any watch enthusiast. A laser engraving of Sincere’s 70th Anniversary logo on the caseback sapphire crystal floats above the movement. Limited to just 10 pieces, the special edition is priced at S$102,000 and is available at Sincere’s Takashimaya boutique and the SHH boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Additional information can be found here.

  • The HAMATIC’s classic contemporary visage is expressed in the poire hands, long trapezoid indexes, and bezel-less frame.

  • Moritz Grossmann’s Calibre 106.0 features a design inspired by the earliest examples of self-winding watches powered by weighted hammers. Sincere’s 70th Anniversary logo is laser engraved on the sapphire crystal.

  • The goldstone dial of the Moritz Grossmann HAMATIC Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee makes an astronomical presence on the wrist.

  • The vintage logo of Moritz Grossmann is carefully printed on the goldstone dial of the HAMATIC Astral Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition.

  • Shown here are the two click levers that are mobilised as the hammer head oscillates from one side to the other.

A Jubilant Anniversary

Sincere has long championed independent watchmaking. You may not recall or know this, but they were the first in Singapore to offer A. Lange & Söhne, F.P. Journe, Franck Muller, as well as Panerai to its clients well before these brands became household names. The retailer laid the ground for independent watchmaking’s success in Southeast Asia today and continues to cement its status as a kingmaker among the independents.

The last two decades have seen numerous changes for the retailer, as it changed owners four times in this period. In 2021, Cortina Holdings acquired Sincere, enhancing its market position and marking a new era of strength and stability. This strategic partnership allows Sincere Fine Watches to continue its legacy of excellence and innovation in luxury timepiece retail, especially with the SHH Boutique concept.

Back in the noughties, Sincere Haute Horlogerie formerly served as a retail space focused on independent watchmaking, complemented by the educational offerings of the Sincere Watch Academy. In 2022, Sincere relaunched Sincere Haute Horlogerie as SHH, establishing flagship boutiques in four key markets: Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia. As part of its 70th Anniversary celebration, Sincere is proud to introduce the Horology Lab, an evolution of the Watch Academy, now in its V2.0 iteration.

Beginning this month until November, the Horology Lab will offer various programmes under three pillars to give attendees insight and first-hand experience with fine watchmaking. The Experiential Atelier is a hands-on programme where you can try watch assembly or a decorative craft guided by industry experts. For those interested in understanding the industry today, the Fireside Chats with watchmaking executives and insiders provide different perspectives. Finally, a series of lectures on watchmaking’s history, transformations and know-how have been curated for those who enjoy geeking out on knowledge (we’ll be there for sure).

In fact, the first Fireside Chat will be hosted by Moritz Grossmann and will be open to the public via livestream (click here to register). The event will have a live demo of the annealing process the watchmaker practices to create the colouring on their screws and hands, as well as a discussion of German watchmaking with Kate Lim (Regional General Manager of Sincere Watch Limited), Christine Hutter (Founder and CEO of Moritz Grossmann), and a watch enthusiast and opinion leader.

Finally, the last aspect of the Platinum Jubilee Anniversary is the 12 limited editions that Sincere has been planning since 2022. The brands participating include grand maisons and boutique watchmakers, all with distinct relationships to the retailer. For those interested, they are Chopard, Christiaan van der Klaauw, Czapek & Cie., Fabergé, Ferdinand Berthoud, Franck Muller, H. Moser & Cie., Lang & Heyne, L.U.C by Chopard, Laurent Ferrier, Moritz Grossmann, and Zenith.

  • Back in 1995, Sincere introduced German watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne to Singapore, a year after the brand was revived by Mr. Walter Lange.

  • Christine Hutter, Founder and CEO of Moritz Grossmann, will be the first guest speaker at the Horology Lab Fireside Chat on 30th May 2024.

  • Part of the first Fireside Chat with Moritz Grossmann will be a live demonstration of the annealing process used to colour the hands and screws.

  • CEO of Sincere Fine Watches, Ong Ban, at the SHH Boutique in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

In a statement, the CEO of Sincere, Ong Ban, said, “Our essence extends well beyond retail; we are the storytellers of the narrative behind each timepiece, the educators unravelling the complexities of watchmaking, and the sentinels of timekeeping mastery. This 70th anniversary marks not just a celebration of our enduring heritage and legacy but is also a prologue to the exciting chapters yet to come.” 

For more information on Sincere’s 70th Anniversary limited editions and to register for the Horology Lab, click here.