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INTRODUCING: Casio DW-5600 Revival Colours

Bringing back Casio's original yellow, blue and green models.

 Casio DW-5600 Revival Colours

While many watch brands have taken the vintage path in recent years, Casio, too, has embraced that road and struck a chord with fans all over. After all, many of us here in Asia grew up with the Japanese brand’s affordable, iconic battery-powered watches that saw us through school and, for many of our boys, National Service.


This year, Casio G-Shock revives its OG yellow, blue and green versions of the DW-5600 series. Introduced in 1987 for the yellow version and 1991 for the blue and green versions, these were the first coloured G-Shock watches to be sold outside of Japan.

Casio G-Shock DW-5600RB-2

Mimicking the originals, the new DW-5600R models in blue and green come with gold LCD, while the yellow version is also offered in a separate model, DWE-5600R, which comes with replacement bands and bezels.

Casio G-Shock DW-5600RB-3

Packaged in a special set, the yellow DWE-5600R resurrects the square-faced 5600 series with a Carbon Core Guard structure, and comes with replacement bands and bezels in black and red so you can switch up the look of your watch whenever you want to.

Casio G-Shock DWE-5600R-9

Features-wise, the models are all 200m water-resistant and come with a countdown timer, stopwatch, and Electro-Luminescent backlight afterglow. As bona fide G-Shocks, the DW-5600R and DWE-5600R models are naturally also shock-resistant and magnetic-resistant.

Casio G-Shock DW-5600REC-9

The DW-5600R models in blue and green are each retailing for S$139, while the yellow model is going for S$149. The DWE-5600R version with red and black replacement bezels and bands is priced at S$309 a set. All models are now available online and at all G-Shock stores.



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