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Four Reasons The Casio Edifice Is More Beast Than You Think

From the high-tech to the high-octane.

While something of an unsung hero in Casio’s formidable line-up of digital timepieces, the Edifice is like a horological onion of sorts - the more you delve into the watches, the more you’ll discover that they offer an utterly - and enticingly - unique proposition.

From being the first port of call for most of Casio watches' cutting-edge innovations, to its unmatched wallet-friendly price points, the Edifice collection's multi-tasking functionality, amped by intelligent tech and sexy athleticism, is unlike any other. In fact, any watch buff worth his salt will tell you that, pound-for-pound, an Edifice watch gives far greater value for money than most other digital watches of its category. So without further ado, here are four reasons why the Casio Edifice ought to register on your shopping radar.


THE PRICE IS RIGHTCasio Edifice ECB-900YDBCasio Edifice ECB-900YDB

Well of course, budget is everything when it comes to buying a new watch. Casio Edifice watches start from approximately S$200, and averages about S$300 to $500 a pop. While five hundred bucks can get you many types of digital watches, not many offer the level of tech innovation, thoughtful design, quality construction and brand gravitas the way an Edifice can.

On the topic of tech, an Edifice watch loads up on plenty of practical and innovative features that go beyond world time displays and lap time measurements. A signature feature is the Tough Solar System, a souped-up solar battery system that requires only a tiny bit of light - from any source, whether sunlight or a fluorescent lamp - to charge it up.

Casio Edifice

Some models have built-in antennas that sync the watch automatically to different time zones via radio signals and others, like the new ECB-900 series, feature Smartphone Link technology that links the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth with the Edifice Connected App. This feature allows one to perform tasks via the smartphone, from setting the alarm to syncing the time in over 300 countries, to even locating it if it's missing.

Casio Edifice is the official timekeeping partner of the Scuderia Toro Rosso (below) and Honda Racing Formula One teams.

The tie-ups have resulted in some pretty stunning limited edition chronographs in the line-up, revved up with striking team colourways, design nods to either racing teams, and special materials used in the world of motorsports. Admittedly, these special collaborative timepieces are priced higher than the regular Edifice models, starting from S$849. But as far as collectability goes, they offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Casio Edifice Formula 1 Team Scuderia Toro Rosso Limited Edition EQB-1000TR-2ACasio Edifice Formula 1 Team Scuderia Toro Rosso Limited Edition EQB-1000TR-2A

A definite favourite among us for this year is the Formula 1 Team Scuderia Toro Rosso Limited Edition EQB-1000TR-2A (S$919), decked out in the team’s signature red-and-blue colours, carbon fibre bezel and dial, with its logo emblazoned on the dial and caseback. The watch’s dynamic demeanour is matched by high-tech functionality, endowed with the aforementioned proprietary Phone Linking and Tough Solar features.

Aesthetically, the Casio Edifice watches project an image of unabashed athleticism, courtesy of multi-functional pushers, combination of analogue and digital displays, and striking profiles brimming with machismo. Yet within this well-defined canvas, one finds an array of styles to suit different occasions.

Casio Edifice ECB-900DB and ECB-900PBCasio Edifice ECB-900DB (left) and ECB-900PB

Case in point: the latest ECB-900DB and ECB-900PB models that express the collection’s trademark sportive sophistication. Offered in a choice of stainless steel case with matching bracelet, or black-ion plated stainless steel case with resin band, both variants exude distinct personalities – muscular elegance for the former, and street-style charm for the latter – while loaded with no-nonsense functionality, including the much vaunted Tough Solar and Smartphone Link technologies.

Casio Edifice EQB-1000YD-1A_JF

In the event you are in the market for an even more refined option, the EQB-1000YD-1A_JF, might just check the box. This model is the slimmest model in the repertoire yet, with a case measuring just 8.9mm in height, achieved by way of a reconstructed circuit board on the movement, and redesigned gears and discs, amongst other things. It is still an Edifice as we know it, but certainly one that looks equally at home at the office as it does on the race tracks.


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