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INTRODUCING: Cartier Clash [Un]Limited Baignoire Mitten Watch

Cartier just redefined the meaning of a wrist statement.

Cartier Clash [Un]Limited Baignoire Mitten Watch

We will spare you the cliché of how this is a watch that literally fits like a glove (hur hur), but really, how audacious it is for Cartier to come up with something as caprcious as the Clash (Un)Limited Baignoire Mitten Watch?

The idea behind the Clash (Un)Limited collection of exclusive jewellery pieces is to give Cartier’s designers carte blanche to push their creative limits. The result? An eyebrow-raising spectacle that is part-watch, part-mitten and 100 per cent unique.

Cartier Clash [Un]Limited Baignoire Mitten Watch

With the aid of 3D printing and a master glove-maker, Cartier developed a silky and supple mitten made of gold mesh. The ‘glove’ is then embedded with 1,600 diamonds all over, and affixed with a Baignoire Allongée watch with diamond-paved dial that is hemmed with gold studs.

Two years in the making, the Cartier Clash (Un)Limited Baignoire Mitten Watch took over 227 hours to put together. A one-of-a-kind objet d’art, the glove-watch tested the dexterity of Cartier’s artisans, who had to piece together thousands of tiny gold particles, which had to be welded together using small pliers inspired by those used in microsurgery. You’ve really got to, ahem, hand it to Cartier for attempting a jewellery watch this ambitious and extravagant.

Cartier Clash [Un]Limited Baignoire Mitten Watch


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