Baselworld 2019 Predictions: Ladies’ Watches

What will the ladies get this year?

In recent times, we’ve seen the ladies’ share of the market increase, with a louder feminine clamour for watches of their own that could rival their male counterparts’. Enter larger watches, more complications, and more androgynous designs.

But this year, we’re thinking ladies’ watches might embrace a new wave of femininity. It’s unlikely we’ll see 23mm watches of yesteryears but it looks like cases might shrink a little. Two years ago, the magic number was 38. More recently, we’re seeing 36mm pieces in brands like Patek Philippe and Tudor. So if you ask us, we think 36 could be the new 38.

While the boys have been getting more upgrades, these look like they’re getting into ladies’ watches as well, and that’s never a bad thing. Instead of exclusive ladies’ collections, might we also see more companion pieces then?

If there’s one thing that will continue to feature ladies’ watches, it’s métiers d’art, which is an essential component of high-end watchmaking.

While the area of 'technical watches' has always been a challenge for watchmakers, whose modus operandi has always been to 'feminise' existing complications like the chronograph or tourbillonmétiers d’art watches present a different perspective and proposition. Still highly complex and 'technical', we predict that brands will seek to outdo what’s already been done before. More intricate designs, unusual materials and out-of-the-box techniques? We’re on board.


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